My dad-in-law is running Rift via Bootcamp on his Mac and ran into a really weird situation. He was playing just fine on Friday morning and did a Glyph update. Ever since, he hasn't been able to log in, getting the Error #2025 deal.

We've tried everything from disabling his firewall to uninstalling Rift and Glyph altogether. Now he can't even get to his account screen to download Glyph to reinstall it. Literally every other Trion web page loads just fine, but he cannot access his account screen.

The really frustrating part is that I *can* log into his account on my PC. Glyph isn't even on his machine, yet it's still having issues? WTF? I even ran CCleaner to purge all registry keys and other disconnects. We've purged cookies, etc.

I'm at a complete loss short of reinstalling Windows. Anyone have any suggestions?