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Thread: Low quality textures on 64-bit

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    Default Low quality textures on 64-bit

    I've been having an issue with textures rendering as if they were on low or medium for all player characters except my own, even with all settings maxed. This only occurs in the 64-bit version of Rift.

    Here are some comparison screenshots:



    As you can see, the 64-bit textures to some serious injustice to the art assets. I've been using the 32-bit version, which is a shame, because the 64-bit client offers VASTLY superior performance in all cases. Aside from this hiccup, the team did an amazing job with the 64-bit client.

    My system specs:
    OS: Windows-7 x64
    CPU: i7-6700k @ 4Ghz
    GPU: GeForce GTX960 (Driver version 416.94)
    RAM: 16Gb
    Disk: SSD
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