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Thread: CANNOT progress past LV 65

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    Default CANNOT progress past LV 65

    I have been trying, for 3 MONTHS, to level up past 65. I have been to the new areas, Scattheran Forest, et al, and still my progress of leveling has stopped. I hope I can get this sorted out. Not sure what is going on.

    I only have one character on one shard, Sieanne, and she needs some help.

    Thank You for listening

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doobius View Post
    I have been trying, for 3 MONTHS, to level up past 65.
    Rightclick your portrait. Clear Ascended Mentor level.

    Disable Sidekicking.

    And if that doesn't help, take a screenshot of your EXP bar.
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    Are you looking at PA XP, and not regular XP?

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