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Thread: Lag issues for 2week and still there / Probleme de lag depuis 2 semaine

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    Default Lag issues for 2week and still there / Probleme de lag depuis 2 semaine

    Some french people like me has a lot of lag spikes coming from your service, i already post something in bug report section, will carry on the post in french.

    Plusieurs francais dont moi ont de gros soucis de lag a certains moments de la journée. Apres concertion il semblerait que nous soyons tous clients orange. Nous avons fait des tests tracerts, retombant sur des soucis sur un point en allemagne.

    Pourrions nous avoir des precisions sur ce probleme, si des changements sont en cours ? Une résolution possible ?


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    Same problem here. EU player with internet connection provided by Orange. I have a lot of lag spikes for 3 weeks.
    i did some ping test with cmd command :

    NA : ping -t
    result : 140ms(classic latency because NA server are far away from France) during 1minute without lag spikes ==> no problem here

    EU : ping -t
    result : 66ms (higher than usually) with frequent lag spikes and frequent 'period expired" ==> problem

    So like Misterdodo has mentioned, there must be some bug.

    Ty in advance for your reactivity.
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    Gamingo fix this **** plz !

    PL = paquets lost

    And with world of warcraft server :
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