I'm running a 2013 machine on widows 8. not the greatest specs but I have my settings to the lowest and I still lag so much that I can't do group content.

Today I qued for a warfront, got the que accepted and it just stayed on the loading screen then kicked me out and sent me back to sanctum, got a deserter for it.

Another thing is when I'm in my dimension I get black screens, almost as if some old code is coming up and giving me a black screen for about 15 seconds then I'm back in my dim, this happens so much I have lost track of it.
I've noticed that in WoW , something comes up to make my screen flash but what ever is going on with Rift, WoW has managed to block it from happening. So It never happens on that game.
Can someone help me optimize this potato to fit the game if this is never going to get fixed in the game? Thank you. It's beyond frustrating.