shortly after Rift launched, I installed Rift. I picked up the 12 month subscription and never looked back. through the succeeding years, I kept that subscription active, regardless of any other game I was playing. I never stopped paying into Rift, and the subscription is still active as I write this. I made use of the in game store whenever I could, and when the game went F2P, I maintained subscriber status, uninterrupted. I felt like if I enjoyed something as much as I did Rift, then I should participate as much as I could to keep it healthy and running. I fully intended to maintain subscriber status after the transition to gamigo.

recently, when I tried to update my client, I began getting "error: #3300" messages, I put in tickets, posted on the forums, did EVERYTHING support said to try until support just stopped communicating with me. I also bought a new computer. guess what? right, continuing "error: #3300's". so I'm guessing that somehow trion's tattered old code has never been updated or recoded so that it can hang onto a download.

I have successfully downloaded ESO, GW2, Aion, and Tera since I tried and failed to download Rift. what the hel is wrong with Rift? why won't anyone help a loyal player? most of all, why can't the game maintain an FTP direct download or offer a USB plugin or game disk for me to purchase and install from? it's not like anyone can steal a game that's free and requires an account to play.

I find myself in the sorry situation of having to cancel the drain on my financesfrom Rift if the game remains unplayable. I do NOT want to do that. I will be cross-posting this in the tech support forum as well because I really want to be seen and, especially, helped. how gamigo responds to this will tell me a lot about the future of my beloved Rift.

regards from a very unhappy camper