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Thread: Client not downloading

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    Default Client not downloading

    After a very long absence from Rift, I decided today to install the game and play again..
    Ok, I downloaded Glyph, clicked on Rift and it started to download, Once the green area was "full" I pressed play. It gave me an error, something like: the code execution could not be processed..." The downloading also stopped at this point. I have tried everything possible, but the client just do not want to start downloading again. 1st I uninstalled Rift, completely and utterly removed it from my pc, but the glyph thing still shows it as installed with a big PLAY button -that obviously does not work. I uninstalled and reinstalled glyph - still exactly the same
    After an exhaustive 2hrs of trying to download the client, I totally give up... It should be simple and easy, Download file, click install... click play..
    The game is NOT INSTALLED ON MY PC - but the stupid glyph says IT IS, so therefor cannot and will not download the game. I tried searching everywhere for the client files to download it manually, but it seems it can only install the game via glyph... I well, so be it then...

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    Click on 'Settings' on the top left of Glyph and see where does Glyph think Rift is installed to, usual default path is:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Glyph\Games\RIFT\Live

    If there's a folder and files at that location you could try right clicking on Rift on the left panel of Glyph and picking 'Repair' see will Glyph start to download and install any missing files.

    If it still doesn't work, type this into search:

    %localappdata% and delete the Glyph Folder in there, this will force a new. frresh version of Glyph to build itself and might have it innstalling properly.

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