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Thread: addons point to One Drive not computer drive

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    Default addons point to One Drive not computer drive

    I recently got a new computer. Got Rift working well. The problem came when I got a notice from One Drive that it was full and do I want to buy more space. I erroneously assumed it was only saving things I put there. It saved everything. I found my entire Document directory was actually on One Drive not my computer. This included the Rift folder. I found out how to stop syncing the computer with One Drive.
    So now I cannot stop the Rift program from looking for addons on the One Drive and get it back to looking on my computer.

    Do I need to uninstall and reinstall the whole mess? Is there an easier way?
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    You can try this, open 'Search' or 'Run' and type in:


    This will open \AppData\Roaming folder, go to the Rift folder and you should see 4 files in there, the one you want is Rift.cfg which is the configuration file.

    Open this with Notepad and scroll down to [Client], the second line should be Documents Directory.

    Just change it back to the usual, default path of C:\Users/Your PC name here\Documents\RIFT

    Now move your addons folder back here so the full path will read:

    C:\Users\Your PC Name here\Documents\RIFT\Interface\Addons

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