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Thread: Forbidden from logging into the server

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    Default Forbidden from logging into the server

    Happened at around 22:00 UTC. I was climbing some mountains in Shimmersand looking for artifacts, and the game teleported me to Sanctum. I have no idea what happened, but it looked like I felt through the ground or something - black screen for a split second, then loading screen for Sanctum. (BTW, this happens a lot when I'm climbing mountains, pretty much in every zone that has them, and I must say it's pretty annoying.) Anyway, I then ported back to Shimmersand and continued with the mountains, and then the whole thing repeated. This kept happening several times (maybe 4 or 5), until instead of porting to Sanctum I got a "disconnected from server" prompt (OK to reconnect, Cancel to exit or something). I restared the game, and now, when I select a character and click Play, I get the following prompt: "You have been forbidden from logging into the server with this character. Press OK to return to character select or Cancel to exit." And I get this prompt on all characters on this account, not just the one that was in Shimmersand. I still can play on the NA server.

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    Contact support (posting here is not contacting support)

    Separately, run a repair in Glyph on RIFT

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