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Thread: Glyph Laucher won't detect RIFT on my 2nd Windows copy

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    Default Glyph Laucher won't detect RIFT on my 2nd Windows copy

    Hi all!

    Before, I played RIFT on a Dell and now I'm playing it on a HP. I decided to install two copies of Windows 10 (on HP) -- one Solely for Games (so any other BG processes from other sw won't bog down the graphics) and the Other for other stuff. I copied the Glyph folder from my Dell to HP to do this. Now the problem is, ironically, on the "Games" Windows copy, the Glyph launcher won't detect RIFT -- It just displays "Install". But in the settings box, the RIFT location is Correct. And on the "Work" Windows copy, the launcher detects the game Fine, and I can play it with a slight lag, imo, due to other BG procs running. Why won't the launcher in the "Games" win copy won't let me play it, although it detects the game in the settings box?

    Thanks for any input!!
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