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Thread: Cannot save edited threads

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    Default Cannot save edited threads

    For some reason, from around 2 or 3 days ago. After I logged into forum with my account, trying to edit my own threads and tried to click "Save" it would go to loading and the mouse cursor also became loading for eternity.

    When I click "go advanced" , it would give me this:
    Cannot save edited threads-415f21e65186e29481843c87f3312544.jpg

    here's the things I have tried:
    - four different browsers
    - clean up all the caches and cookies
    - delete rift cfg
    - Win + R > cmd > ipconfig /flushdns
    - turning off my firewall and adblocks

    nonetheless, still get the same result, either the rejection or eternally loading.
    any insights?
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    I have the same problem only using forum on phone using chrome. At home on the desktop works fine.

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