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Thread: RIFT has encountered an error

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    Default RIFT has encountered an error


    I wonder if anyone can help?

    Ever since Wednesday 30th of May 2018, I have been unable to play Rift Prime or Rift as whenI launch the game I get to the character screen but then I see the dreaded 'RIFT has encountered an error'. I have tried the following:

    - Repaired Rift Prime
    - Unistalled and re-downloaded Rif Prime
    - Uninstalled and re-downloaded Glyph
    - Ran both Glyph and Rift Prime as Administrator
    - Deleted rift.cfg and launched the game
    - Changed from 64bit to 32bit

    And still nothing, does anybody have an ideas? I'm level 49!! lol

    I have also updated my graphics drivers recently (GTX 970) and I am unable to rollback the driver, I have downloaded the latest Windows Updates. I use 3 screens with a resolution of 5760 x 1080 which until this week has never been a problem, I have tried changing my resolution down to 1920 x 1080 which doesnt help.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Can't you just uninstall the graphics driver and manually download an earlier version? From what I recall Nvidia usually tend to have the most recent versions available, if you want to avoid using the latest. It might be worth a shot if the error is graphics related.
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    Not sure if you are still having this issue. But just so you know as you may not but when you un-install Prime it actually un-installed Rift. There is no separate folder for Prime, it uses the normal game folder and settings as the free version. Just when you log into Prime it ignores all the new and extra stuff. If everything has been working with no issues then I would say it was a patch/update to Prime either client or server side. But you can still try a few things just in case, I mean it can't hurt to try a few things.

    Best thing would be to when you un-install Rift/Glyph also remove the folders, even the ones located in C:\Users\(USERNAME)\AppData there is a couple of location that it stores the .cfg files and other files. Once done, reboot to make sure nothing is left in memory. I am sure you have done this but download and install the latest Nvidia driver, my wife has that card, it is an amazing card. Great performance. Anyway make sure sound, chipset, etc. drivers are all up to date. Make sure Windows, etc., is up to date. Download a fresh/clean copy of Glyph, install it then, of course, install Rift. Defrag(unless you have an SSD), reboot once more just to clean memory out. Make sure Glyph is set to 64 bit. Log in. If it still happens Change Glyph to 32 bit(I know it will decrease performance a bit especially with three monitors but worth a try), then download the past 2 or 3 Nvidia drivers unless you know what version you were running when everything worked fine. Un-install the video drivers and install an older version, rinse and repeat if need be.

    I hope this helps, if not at least you will have an updated system, drivers, etc... I get crashes, a lot without asking to send in a crash report, it just crashes to desktop and other issues that are specific to Prime as none of the issues I have even happen when I play on the free server. All issues I have is specific to Prime. I am assuming there are a lot of people that their issues are related to just Prime.
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