Connectivity issues for Rift players.

This is new to me but from these forums and others elsewhere that I have found it is quite common to have connection issues.

Blocked connectivity.
It appears that Trion is leveraging some level of connection internet blocking. What I have found is that it blocks access for certain people/internet sources. This conclusion comes from troubleshooting with friends and some findings from other posts.

What is blocked?
Some but not all of Trions sites including:
  • These forums. These forums can be reached but the authentication site is blocked so you can't log-into the forums to post the problem.
  • Glyph client. It may sporadically display the Error #2025) but it also may not work and not give you the error. The Glyph client only gives you the option then to click 'OK'.
  • Account login page. So you can't get in to update billing, change passwords, contact support.

Why the blocking?
I am assuming it is intended to mitigate the internet bad guys attacks.

Next steps?
If everything used to work and suddenly stops it very likely is not a 'you problem'. In other words, if everything else is working for you as expected (Non-Trion sites, games, etc.) then do not waste another moment of your precious time troubleshooting.
Email and provide the following:
*Note: You may be able to connect to Trions pages through your phone (turn off wifi). A good troubleshooting step but also can then post and contact support. Obviously, it doesn't solve the Glyph client issue. Alternatively, you can leverage VPN to get outside of your affected IP/IP range.

I have managed to keep this post very neutral and frankly, I don't think Trion deserves my patience.

Assuming the above conclusion is correct in that Trion is trying to stop the baddies, this still should have been proactively communicated to it's registered users at a minimum. They have our email addresses so send an email stating that on x date there will be changes. Put whatever spin on it desired but communicate the change and what to do if the client suffers from it. Include what to expect and a direct line of communication and what to expect as a client.

Troubleshooting and support available now is inadequate.
Update the Glyph client to help its users. If it can determine the problem and present the 2025 error, then it could do more. Ideally, it would have a process to help be proactive. As this appears to be a foreign concept, let me suggest how that may work.
Upon launching Glyph, when it determines there is a problem have it provide better feedback to the client and help with resolution. Something like "Connecting to Trion has failed, the Glyph client has determined (xyz support information). Would you like to submit a ticket to support containing this information?"
Please share your experiences to help your fellow players. Enough activity may get Trion to make improvements.