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Thread: Rift randomly crashes, reports RADAR_PRE_LEAK_WOW64 in events

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    Both of you should try and uninstall and reinstall all related sound drivers, especially if you have any 3rd party software like the Logitech software, as Qlex was mentioning using Logitech headsets. Qlex also appear to be having 2 different headsets active in the system, which MAY cause the issue.

    The RADAR_PRE_LEAK_WOW64 error is Windows warning about badly allocated memory, and this is usually related to drivers.

    It's not Rift causing the trouble. Rift is just coded to use resources and the resources are allocating itself badly in your memory, which can lead to memory leaks and then crash your machine.
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    I have completely reinstalled it twice and still crashing.

    Unfortunately Rift is the only thing that is causing this, I have dozens of games installed and play them and only Rift reboots my machine. I think it's a a combination of driver and how Rift is using it that is causing this. During a crash, Rift would also rewrite its config files with binary junk so after every crash I had to restore last good known Rift config files to even get the game started.

    I gave up playing Rift as a result, there were too many crashes during raids where I did not feel confident that I would last a whole raid without a crash and other raid people were not happy with me when I was tank or healer and crashed mid-encounter.

    I recently finished Borderlands 2 and Borderlands Pre-Sequel without a single crash and playing Dishonored 2 and Paladins without any crashes, so who knows, but I don't have the worry of crashing randomly and letting people down looming over my head.

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