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Thread: Lag, Lag, Bugs, Lag, ???

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    Default Lag, Lag, Bugs, Lag, ???

    1. Dungeon lag....Have to log out and log in about 3 times per dungeon. As do most other people in the group.

    2. Ability Lag.....Can be in a remote area questing getting super ability lag, I get into 100 man boss takedown no ability lag. What's up with that?

    3. When i respond to a guild rally or teleport back to sanctum my pet bar (Ranger) disappears and I have to relog.

    4. Pinging between 34 and 65ms, My computer would make Elon Musk jealous, I have 250mb sec business class broadband at my home office.

    I would like to know what steps are being taken to rectify these issues? These are COMMON issues that several people report daily. The amount of times I quit a day in frustration is not the experience I signed up for. What are my options in regard to a refund? I forgot to turn off auto renew and now I signed up for another month, which I don't want until these issues are fixed.

    Sorry I forgot to add that this is on Prime, not Live.
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