I linked my old 2011 account to my steam account after downloading RIFT on Steam
A friend gave me a 15 days code, with which I played on said account
At the end of the 15 days (yesterday), I bought a 30 days Patron Pass DLC via steam
Steam considers that DLC "installed" in my game library

The problem :
When I launch RIFT Launcher via steam then proceed to connect to Rift PRIME, I get a message "you are not authorized to play the game"
When I connect on a Rift LIVE character, I am not Patron in-game.

-> I bought a 30 days patron pass and I don't benefit from it

Any clues? The support still hasen't recontacted me in 24 working hours...

I wanted to ask for a steam refund then buy patron via rift store but the steam DLC is non-refundable.

Help :/