i have noticed for over almost one month me and several about 20 people experiencing a bug where almost every 20-40 or so ( Its uncommon but it can still happen and it has happened multiple time ) but what happens is that we keep getting D/C for no apparent reason theres nothing wrong with our computers our internet is full bars and nothing to do with WIFI speed or anything like that is needed updated.... we ask you to please take a look at this as soon as possible because its quite a Nusience when were doing dungeons and or unstable artifact events or any event and we suddenly get D/C

the 2nd one is a bug that occurs when you go to the Carnival and are teleported away or even walking on the decks of The Docks in The Tempest near the Carnival.... anyways when your teleported or walking sometimes player may fall through the deck for no apparent reason and get stuck and have to do /stuck command HOWEVER. if it happens a second time which it has they will be UNABLE to get out and have to ask someone to teleport them to the carnival were asking you to PLEASE fix this problem this problem has been well known and has NOT been taken care of as far as i hear from others on 1-29,Crossevents,etc. and give the ability for infinite /stuck casting. you can see why i'm saying this because imagine just you getting stuck after already using it once and then being unable to find a way out. :/ your calling is not high enough level to teleport you to the areas that are elemental ( Planar Attune thingy ) and your not a patron you have no friends online and you dont have a guild and or you cannot teleport back to the portal to your home because you already used that up. just imagine that for a second. you'd see where this becomes a problem.

another one is that at random times people have reported crashing for no apparent reason nothing indicates anything that would of crashed them and they have not crashed before and people that do Alting have specifically reported this problem ALOT from which server i am from.

the next problem i found is freezing and then having to force my computer to close my game and then restarting at the
Eye Of Regulos in Stillmoor on the Hailol Server. its whenever i attack or the pillars decide to cast a spell ( not the spell that summons skeletons and what not ) when this happens my .exe will freeze and then will or will not unfreeze but one time it frozed and never unfroze so thats when i had to force exit my game ( Rapidly clicking the X or CTRL + ALT + Delete Computer Command ) i don't know if this is happening to anyone else but i'm just letting ya'll know about this just in case if it is.

and the last one is LAG EVERYWHERE.... not only is Eye of Regulos having this problem but i have seen numerous reports of about 50+ people having massive Latency and Lagging in specfic time frames. me noticing it peaking at nighttime between 8:00PM ETC - 10PM ETC. normally. but sometimes it might peak at a different time. why is this?

bonus bug when going into The Carnival IA some players may crash upon entering immediately or will when in the IA. this problem happened in the 2nd week of the Carnival the 1st week it was totally fine.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day - Argion the Detector