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Thread: WASD movement glitch

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    Question WASD movement glitch

    Hi! I've been having this weird movement glitch where when I press two movement keys at the same time, then release one, both movements will stop. So, for example: If I press W and D at the same time and my character starts moving forward and to the right, then I release D, my character will not only stop moving right, but also stop moving up as well, as if I also released W.
    I talked to someone else in-game about this and they said this was just something on my end.
    Also, when I do this same maneuver with the arrow keys, it works just fine, so its only a problem with WASD movement keys. Its also worth noting that this is the only game where this happens, so its not the keyboard.
    I've looked around and wasn't able to find any help with this, so any aid would be greatly appreciated!

    Update: I found the problem, it was a security program (Zemana Antilogger) that wasn't cooperating with rift for some reason.
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    Having the same issue :P

    *goes off to look for a security program*
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