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Thread: Crashing in Raids

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    Default Crashing in Raids

    Last night in TDEZ, I crashed at every single boss pull on my rogue, as soon as it was pulled. Tonight, in IROTP, I crashed 6 times before trash could be cleared before the first boss.

    This may be random, but I switched toons to my cleric and tanked 3 td's with no issues (I normally never really lag to speak of). This is happening only on my rogue. Anyone else seeing this?
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    My friend and I are playing on Vigil (Prime), so no raiding yet, but both our clients crash at least 5 to 10 times a day. He plays cleric, I play rogue.

    We are both running the 64-bit client, of which the selling point was "increased stability"
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    Try disabling addons, one may have not liked your rogue.
    Try switching 64 to 32 bit or vice versa.
    Try sending cs a message (probably won't help)
    Try transferring your character to another shard and back
    Try deleting rift and all its leftover files/folders and reinstall it.

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