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Thread: Prime for Linux / Windows XP?

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    Default Prime for Linux / Windows XP?

    You're probably laughing at the title, but I do have a use case (that I am aware is rare and unsupported), and I'd love to hear from other RIFT players on Linux.

    I sometimes play RIFT on my laptop that runs Linux. It usually works well, though sometimes breaks and takes a few hours of tinkering to fix. The version of Glyph I have installed is WINXP-100-34-A-145717, which is so old the graphics mention Starfall Prophecy "coming fall 2016". I don't really recall why I have that version of Glyph, but I assume it was because the live version broke for me.

    Will Prime be supported on this version of Glyph? I am guessing not, but I'll find out soon! Is Glyph for XP / WINE even on dev's radar? I'm guessing it's probably not worth the time, which is fair.

    Do newer, supported, versions of Glyph work in WINE?

    I'm aware that no one should be using Windows XP, and I'm aware that I made my bed on Linux and now have to lie in it. Hoping there are a few people playing on Linux that can share their Glyph and WINE versions.

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    I tried getting rift going up on a Chromebook that I switched over to use GalliumOS, which is based on Xubuntu.

    I had my doubts whether Rift would work on it, but I gave it a go anyway just to see. After some forum digging looking for adjustments others made to get the game running in Wine I did manage to get the latest (at the time) Glyph launcher around 4.1 to work and start the game. Wine v3 has come along way as far as game support.

    The launcher seemed to think it was in an XP environment. IIRC. It may have been a fallback version showing. But the Glyph download was the most recent.

    The game itself was a slideshow and unplayable, but that was more likely due to chromebook hardware more than Wine.

    I'd have to imagine the old version of the Glyph launcher won't contain the ability to select Prime as a server option without an update. But I think you'd likely be able to run the game if you go ahead and update.
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    Well I'm not running the latest version myself (because of Trove), mine's from late December.
    But as far as Rift is concerned, the only issue remaining was that the Glyph installer craps out when wine isn't set to XP, so I told winecfg to run GlyphInstall.exe as XP and the rest as Win 7, that made Glyph work and self-update as expected.

    The issue with Trove and Atlas Reactor is that it double-checks you are running Vista+, but although Glyph on wine now loads the game library with all games (yes the version before my current install always went into XP-mode on wine, no matter what), the extra check still fails when you try to install/run those games, so I had to edit some files manually and cut it off from all the remote stuff...but a nice side-effect is that it launches much faster :P
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    You can run RIFT on Linux with Wine (or PlayOnLinux(also Wine). Do not expect more than like 14-20FPS any time anything intense is going on.

    That being said, it was stable and I did not experience any crashing. DirectX 9 is fairly well supported in Wine these days.

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