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Thread: Strange Scaling/Lines on rotation

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    Default Strange Scaling/Lines on rotation

    So to put this in perspective. I have always used my same Laptop to play Rift on and off for a few years now. I even played last expansion release without issue. The only thing I can think that MIGHT be messing with it is that I am on some annoying Windows 10 Preview Build but I have latest Drivers for my Vid card. I have never seen this tearing or scaling lines while spinning. Graphics still look great and screen flows amazingly but when I spin my camera I will see some jitters and scaling lines shoot across screen briefly. I am not sure what else to try it does it on all graphic levels (My laptop is a gamer laptop and have never had a problem playing on HIGH custom settings) All the typical troubleshooting stuff I have done, drivers, disable everything lower settings etc. Anyone experience this over all quality and playing is fine if I spin camera fast it will show the lines.

    GeForce GTX 780M
    Windows 10 Insider 64 BIT 10. build (17025) *I fee like this is most likely culprit as the only thing that changed on my pc over the years, I needed this for work for an important program*
    16gb DDR3
    i7-4700 MQ
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    Might be a shot in the dark but I get graphic issues if v sync is not enabled if yours is off switch it on in rift settings

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