I had once a druid/cleric, don't remember, it was a long time ago, like 2012-13 or something. Leveled him to around 40-45 level. The game was fun. And then i stopped.

Now I wanted to play it again. So i watched several youtube clips where everyone says its a dead game don't start it. But I wanted to give it a try. Like I said I had some great memories about the game.

And I downloaded the game. Was so happy that I will play it again. But then I got the following error:


I red in the forums about it, some connection issues. I said, okay, lets install VPN, as everyone was doing. (normal people wont bother and will uninstall the game).

After I downloaded and installed some free VPN program, I managed to login and see the red PLAY button. So it was only initial connection issue, I thought.

But when I tried to enter the game, I got this:


Why it should be this difficult? That's why no one wants to play the game. Because the game itself doesn't want to run.

Why I have to write support ticket with my IP address to be unblocked to play the game? Why there is a restriction at first place? Why there is a firewall that blocks all the new players?

I'm not talking only for the game. I had to register in the forum and make account in https://session.trionworlds.com/login through the VPN because all i get is "This site canít be reached session.trionworlds.com took too long to respond."

Maybe this site and the game are the only things in the whole internet for which I HAVE to use VPN to access them.

Until they don't fix these issues, there will be no new players.