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Thread: Error #1008

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    Default Error #1008

    "There was a problem moving existing files in preparation for the update. (Error #1008)

    How do you fix

    Tried to "repair" now stuck on error 1012
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    There is no fix you can do as far as I know. Worked for a long time but transfers don't work again for me.

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    There may not be a real solution...

    Not sure what you are experiencing from this error?

    As for repair.. there are 2 options for running repair.
    1.. from the glyph window

    2.. Open task manager (ctrl +alt +del once) Close ( do NOT delete/remove the game) everything and anything in processes/aplications that is connected to glyph and Rift.

    go to the glyph/rift website. Download the game. Run the game through that download. You will get a pop up with 3 choices.. Go for REPAIR

    when the repair is done, run the game.

    If the game keeps hanging in the update/play mode, try clicking one of the other games, then click on Rift again and hit the update/play button.

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