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Thread: How to change Login email?

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    Default How to change Login email?

    If I drop my login email account, do I need to change my login? How can I change my login from an email to a more generic name?

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    Think you would have to put in a ticket or something to get it changed.

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    login is always with the email account you linked to the game.

    There is no way to change that to a shortcut/easy name.

    What you can do, is checking the settings in the glyph window.
    Click settings in the top bar,
    click advanced and check the box to remember your log in from this location
    click advanced and check the box for beta opt-in
    click general and check the box for saving multiple accounts in dropdown

    If you want the game linked to another email account and use that account as your login account, you should be able to do so on the website itself, log in on the website and change the mail in account information/settings.

    If this is not an option for you, then you can ask CS to change the mail account to another mail account.
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