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Thread: Mobile Authenticator missing from Google Play

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    Exclamation Mobile Authenticator missing from Google Play

    Hi there. I've been trying to download the mobile authenticator for my new Pixel 2 and, well, it seems to be missing from the Google play store. The authenticator didn't transfer from my old phone (which makes me think it's not compatible with Pixel 2), but even when I click on the link on my desktop, I get "We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server." (which makes me think it's just gone)

    A bit more info: Searching on the Play store directly (on my phone OR on my desktop) for anything Rift doesn't bring up the authenticator. Searching through Google brings up a result, but clicking on that result gives the not found error.

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    I don't have a solution for you (find a sketchy apk mirror?), but here is where I reiterate a suggestion I posted a long time ago: please use the standard TOTP workflow instead of your own app for mutli-factor authentication. Pros: you don't have to maintain an app, and I can use whatever TOTP app I want (which is Authy instead of RIFT Authenticator or Google Authenticator, so that I can break/change phones without losing access).
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    Had a look and you're right, all searches go to 'URL not found' on Google Play, funnily enough the Apple iOS version is still on the Apple Store and was even updated a few months back.

    As Forbidden suggested, you can get the .apk from a few sites, for example like here:


    I did a download check, seems fine, ran a scan on the file, looks ok but as always be aware of nasties, i do know the Rift Auth was around up to at least two months ago, i have my phone rooted so am always playing around with custom ROMs and changing them around.

    I got bored of having to download the App each time and re-authenticate so i just used an App called Titanium Backup to make a copy of the full app and data that i can just transfer across when i change ROMs.

    **Edit** seems it's back up on Google Play now for anyone who comes across this Thread.

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