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    Default There was a problem preparing the report (error #2001:0521).

    Trying to return to the game. I get this error every single time I try to click play.

    I click Rift Play button.
    It goes through the verify or update function.
    IMMEDIATELY throws up the Rift Error Handler box with the options to either:
    Send report and restart game.
    Send report and close.
    I pick Send report and restart game and it throws this error. There was a problem preparing the report (error #2001:0521).

    If I choose Send report and close then the error almost immediately pops up.

    I have tried everything from updating video and sound drivers to reinstalling windows (Win7) to increasing the pagesys file. I've tried turning off the firewall and antivirus to test that too. I'm at a loss.

    The network isn't the problem as I downloaded and installed Rift on the husbands computer and it works fine. His machine is older than mine but I would think that would make his more prone to issue. I also took his video card to test in my machine and it gives the same bloody error.

    I also tried downloading Defiance to see if it would do the same thing and it loads fine as well, so the problem lies solely within Rift.

    I have:
    Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 motherboard
    i7-6700K 8M Skylake Quad-Core 4.0 GHz
    VGA GeForce GTX 760 because I know it bloody well worked in the other computer.

    I've looked through the log files and I don't see anything that stands out.

    Any ideas? I've been trying to figure this out since Dec. 14 =( I wanted to played for Christmas break
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    Please submit a support ticket and send logs to them as well, so that they can help determine what the issue is.

    1) Click the Start button, then in the search field type %LOCALAPPDATA% and click enter
    2) Open the Glyph folder
    3) Open the Logs folder
    4) Upload all of the files found here to your ticket.

    To update your EXISTING ticket with these files, proceed to this link and sign in with your Trion Worlds account information: https://support.trionworlds.com/hc/en-us/requests

    Our Platform group now also has a new way to submit logs from Glyph > Settings > Advanced:
    Click on the button "Send Logs To Trion Worlds" and then update your ticket, or, if a new ticket, let them know the date/time/time zone that you submitted it.

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