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Thread: Fall Creator Update - still a concern or not?

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    Default Fall Creator Update - still a concern or not?

    I installed Windows' Fall Creator Update on Saturday and haven't been able to get into the game since. I've posted in the stickied FCU thread in the Tech Support Forum and tried the various ideas, fixes and such that some people reported but none have made any difference for me.

    What I'm wondering about is whether Trion is still trying to do anything about it or if I'm on my own to try to find a solution. There were a fair number of posts earlier in the year up to about July, a handful in October, one in November and one (mine) in December. I think the last dev post was in May or June.

    With the small number of posts, it's not hard to imagine that no one at Rift is working on it, or even thinking about it, at all. So, my question to the dev team is: should I expect any help in this regard in the foreseeable future or am I, as I said, on my own?

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    Default Same Here

    Since Creator Update no luck logging in. I get "direct3d initialization error" message and then CTD. I have reinstalled Glyph and Rift still the same.

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