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Thread: Playable before full down load

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    Default Playable before full down load

    Loading the game on a new machine, it would seem the playable option before full down load no longer works? I have more than half of the game downloaded (8gb) but when I try to launch it would say I am not running the correct version of the game and to go back to the updater. Maybe it's just me

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    If this was NA, you were trying during a patch when the game was down. Try again later.

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    thats better that logging in and falling through the world as ground collision is apparently not yet downloaded

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    At least you're able to log on. I try to log on and all of my characters have vanished into thin air. I was able to log in 2 hours ago but now I log on and their all gone. I can't even change servers as it says "This Server May Be Temporarily Unavailable." on every server.

    When I sent Trion a support ticket they asked for a lot of personal information that seems either irrelevant or that they already have on file.

    EDIT: And now all of the servers are down...at least it isn't just me and a couple buddies now.
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