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Thread: Intrepid Adventure Planar Defense Stops Giving Planarite

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    Default Intrepid Adventure Planar Defense Stops Giving Planarite

    Every now and then my character just stops receiving Planarite from Planar events within Intrepid Adventures. The only way to start getting Planarite from these steps is to relog. Leaving the IA and joining a new one isn't enough. I can still get Planarite from normal world events. It's just IA events that are supposed to reward Planarite that stop giving them. Its happened to me a few times over the past few days, and I think I've managed to narrow down when it happens.

    It seems that if you get transferred from Hammerknell to Mind of Madness mid-IA, then you stop getting Planarite rewards in IA. Every time I've noticed the moment when its happening it has happened after doing the Harbor in Hammerknell, right before the boss fight your group gets transferred to Mind of Madness. Then the Planar Defense that happens right before the Lady Envy fight (and all future IA Planar steps until a relog) does not reward any Planarite. I've seen others get Planarite on that step, I assume they joined the IA after the switch from Hamerknell, but when I bring it up in chat there's usually a few people who also noticed the same issue.

    The only fix I've found to work is restarting the client (though I assume logging out of the character and logging back in should be enough).

    EDIT: And I've just noticed the Bug Reports section. I somehow missed it while looking initially...
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