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Thread: Glyph not able to update properly

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    Default Glyph not able to update properly

    This has been an ongoing issue for me for years now, every Wednesday I get a incorrect version error that I have not been able to nail down. Deleting Glyph folder from appdata, restarting with antivirus and firewall software turned off, reinstalling mulitple times through steam, reinstalling multiple times with direct download from Trion site, setting up static IP addresses, swapping DNS to google public, swapping to EU shards and swapping right back, Swapping to EU shard letting it update swapping back and letting NA update, etc etc.

    Only today did a tech savy friend suggest trying to log on after using a utility called "Winscribe" what I take is a VPN software and somehow I'm able to log into Rift. No version error, the update button simply says "Play". If I turn off the software and restart glyph, the "update" button is back and it will reinstall a 708mb patch which is odd because this Wednesday's patch was 1.36gb, and of course return an invalid version error.

    Why is Glyph unable to start Rift or at least return a proper version with my standard IP address but launches fine with a random one from some utility I have never used before? It returns the error like it's not even checking to see what version I'm running in the first place. I had gotten it to work once today by swapping to EU, letting it update and starting the game. Logging out, swapping to NA and letting that one update, but as soon as I logged out the update button was back and allowing it to run it's course returned yet another invalid version error.

    Friend suggested the Winscribe utility after I pasted the following to him from a log file I was reading through:

    Login key exchange failed with error invalid-protocol

    I cannot continue to play the game through a VPN with a reduced latency and a cap of 10gb a month, I would sincerely appreciate someone taking the time to figure this out as I have fought and fought with Glyph for literally years across two PCs with this same error over and over again only separated by other random errors. The only way I'm able to contain my nerd rage at this point is waiting several hours before posting this.

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    Default I agree

    It could be a glitch or maybe just my win10 opsys...i have had this happen to me before a few times with updates...and because I am not comfortable messin with my comp I just do a full download of the game and it gets fixed. Maybe not the best or right solution but it works. The world is not perfect after all and if I can just get it to work at all...that is fine with me...sorry to hear you have this going on more often than you like...hang in there.

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