This question isn't about hardware, and instead about the underlying mechanics of a certain feature in the game. If there was a better forum for this, I would appreciate it if it was transferred there but I didn't see anything that appeared more apt than here. All that aside, my question is:

Will switching servers again before all members have switched to the new server from the previous transfer prevent those who haven't made the first switch from joining the guild on the new server?

If that's not worded clearly, I'll explain briefly and then in more detail. My guild Random Aggression was on Laethys. After Nightmare Tide was released, populations fell so much I transferred us to Deepwood in an effort to maintain active members. Not all members have transferred and I wish to transfer the guild to another server. Will members who log in to Laethys be prompted to move to the new destination server, or will their chance to be automatically transferred disappear with this new transfer?

Followup question, if their right to guild membership IS revoked by this new transfer, will the guild be effectively dissolved on Laethys so that I could make another transfer after enough time has lapsed to keep the guild name when doing so?

That's the basics, now for the long explanation. The following is not necessary to answering the question, and merely provides a reasoning for why I'm pursuing such an approach via a loose history of my guild.

My guild, <Random Aggression>, transferred across many servers. When I joined, we were a dominant Defiant PvP guild during Classic Rift and transferred around PvP shards to whichever shard the majority of PvPers transferred. We'd dominate the PvP landscape and repeat the process until Storm Legion. Due to the changes in Storm Legion, World PvP was ruined for the most part, and as such we transferred to Laethys, a PvE shard. We began accepting Guardians as well, but the standards set for recruitment were too lax. Eventually nearly every member of Laethys was RA and the attitude and behavior of certain members was giving a bad name to RA. Upon expressing my concerns to leadership, most members were kicked, keeping our core members and new members who were not cancerous to the community.

Shortly after this, Rift went F2P and in response, the Guild Leader quit without saying a word, ninja promoting the 2nd in command who didn't even want the position. Luckily for us, the other original founders of the game returned at the same time and took over. They stayed for a couple weeks, and in said time I was promoted to Officer, 2nd in command and Leader upon their departure. I ran the guild as I saw fit with my former experience in other games and it thrived, although a few bad apples did give us a couple setbacks. First when Wildstar was released where all our raiding members quit the game due to their belief that our non-elitism policy was holding them back. Then when someone who presented themselves as helpful and generous, proved to have ulterior motives and through spreading of lies about plans for the guild's future and lies about decisions made by other members to leave, convinced many members to leave the guild to join his new guild. I'm not including names as that would violate Rift ToS. Regardless, we bounced back from all of this.

What we were unable to bounce back from was the release of Nightmare Tide where my entire hierarchy of officers quit Day 1, as well as roughly 80% of the player base on Laethys (and other shards). I took the time to recruit new members and to find and train a proper replacement for my position as leader since I no longer enjoyed the game. I transferred the guild to Deepwood in an effort to preserve our casual, non-elitist approach due to it having the highest number of active players, but the numbers of active players on Rift kept falling. Over a year after Nightmare Tide had released, I spoke with the new leader I'd appointed and we agreed the guild should be disbanded, at least in the game's current form. Our guild model was no longer sustainable. I posted notice of this on both our forums, guild wall and guild message of the day over a month in advance to allow others to get their affairs in order. On the schedule I set, I removed every single member from the guild except myself, in order to keep our dimension open to appreciate all the work we'd poured into it. I then uninstalled Rift.

This brings us to relatively present day where some friends were considering starting various MMOs, and Rift was among them. I said I ran a max level guild (or at least what was max level during NT) and knew my way around well enough to help out should the time come they choose to start playing. I reinstalled Rift only to find out I was no longer in the Guild on any of my characters, but the Dimension still existed. CS was not able to assist me in understanding why this was, and only told me to "contact the guild leader" which, in my eyes, was me.

Eventually (months later) I logged onto my alts on Laethys and found one I hadn't transferred yet. It prompted me to transfer to Deepwood to rejoin the guild. I did so and found several members, including a few in Leader rank. They were no longer active, but evidence suggested they had tried to take over the guild again and run it as it was, only to fail. No discredit to them as the model can not be supported without decent server populations. Although it was an individual that had requested control of the guild, which I had firmly denied. It would seem they waited until I was inactive long enough to transfer an alt to Deepwood over a year after the guild transfer, get auto-promoted due to my inactivity, and kick me. Through the same auto-promotion system, I was able to reclaim leadership and become the sole member of the guild again. In order to potentially remove those who hadn't transferred or gquit in years, I thought I'd transfer back to Laethys and kick those individuals, but because the guild still exists in a shell form from when we transferred, I cannot maintain the same guild name if I transfer back to Laethys.

I opened a ticket and asked if, since I am clearly Guild Leader again, could a GM possibly issue a kick command to those remaining in RA on Laethys, which would effectively remove the guild from existence on that shard and allow me to transfer back with a clean slate. Unfortunately, the GM I contacted was unable to assist me in that regard. That brings me to the question I pose here today in an effort to permit me to be away from the game for extensive periods of time when there are no members but myself without worrying about someone sneaking in to usurp control.

If you've read all that, kudos to you. Either way, any answer would be appreciated so I can figure out my next course of action.