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Thread: At 9pm Every night (AEST)

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    Default At 9pm Every night (AEST)

    As the daily loging reward comes around we get disconnected here. We can log straight back in without issue but it's happening every night right at 9pm.... It appears to be the login reward that triggers it. Anyone else having this issue?
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    we get a blast of lag here at my place. its just due to the daily reset, i guess a lot of info gets spat out at us all at once. minion adventure changes, daily rewards, event notice,calendar rewards.... *shrugs* wife and i have gotten used to it. we just try to do as little as possible at the time we know its coming... if you can keep an eye on the time and just see if doing nothing while its 8:59 to 9:01 and see if you still get disconnected, that might be of interest to any of the devs that are aware of the issue.

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