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    Default Purple leech on my cape on my back

    I have a purple leech on my cape on my back. Cant get rid of it, I even uninstalled the game and installed back and the problem persists.

    Its the same leech from a death event in Freemarch.

    Anyone have any tip how to fix it ? its really ugly and cant stand it anymore.

    Thanks in advance for any help here.

    ps: No matter what equipment I have on me, the leech its always there.
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    Right-click it off your buffs?
    Wait for the event to run again and turn it in to a collection place?
    Contact support?

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    Hello! This should be an item in your Quest Inventory (Press "L" to view the quest inventory along the bottom strip). From the quest inventory, you can delete the item to remove the graphic from your back.

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