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    Default Glyph Error - Corrupt Files

    This is my second attempt reinstalling Rift. Previously, I was told that there was a corrupt file, so I uninstalled Rift to try again. Well, Glyph didn't require me to re-install Rift, just to continue to download it, even though Rift's icon isn't even on my desktop. I uninstalled Glyph, and it did the same thing; I can continue installing it, even though there is no icon on my desktop. I am not sure what is going on. I have never had issues with a 'corrupt file' and I am wondering if others are having this issue too?

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    If you reinstalled without deleting the Glyph folder from your local appdata, I'd suggest doing that as well. You can find the steps to do this in the below support article:

    Need help? Contact our Customer Support team here!

    Trion Worlds Support Center

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