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Thread: Glyph Authenticator - Version Out of Date

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    Default Glyph Authenticator - Version Out of Date

    I just installed the Glyph Authenticator on my iPhone 6S. iOS warned me that the app could slow the phone down and that the developer needs to update the app.

    Do you plan on updating the app? From the app store it looks like the app hasn't been updated in quite a while.

    Is this still the preferred method of additional security or is getting the auth code in email the preferred method now?

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    Angry Out of date app causes issues sometimes

    Yeah I've been wondering the same thing. Sometimes the app has its issues on my phone. I strongly suggest the developers to update the app for compatibility with new iOS (not sure if app has issues with androids). And it seems like tech support doesn't much care for this subject since they haven't replied to your initial thread.

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