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Thread: Computer Shuts Off

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    Default Computer Shuts Off

    While playing Rift, my computer shuts itself off, often between load screens, but also when I'm already running around.

    I'm leaning toward my power supply BUT the weird thing is when I restart and launch, Rift acts like I've never been here before, offering me to accept the User/TOS and reset my graphics setting! Which makes me think it's not just a power supply issue?

    I would like to repair/reinstall DirectX, but can't figure that out on Windows 10?

    Any advice (in particular why the TOS and graphic reset would reappear after restart) would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    It's possible that the game only saves accepting the ToS if it exits normally. Addon data updates are the same way, but the two are totally different things admittedly.

    As for graphics, it could be the game trying to switch to "safer" settings to try to avoid problems next time you run the game. Or it just not saving if the game exits unexpectedly.

    Computer random shutdowns really are something to be worried about in my experience. Software is rather happier to crash rather than make the whole thing turn off, or perhaps throw a blue screen in worse cases.

    The Windows event log might have some clues as to whether it is caused by a software issue. But I'm not really experienced with this stuff.

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    It's not Rift causing your computer to shut down, you have bad hardware or drivers somewhere.

    Randomly powering off can be caused by any number of factors from faulty power supply as you correctly surmised, to bad drivers, over heating, a power supply not giving enough power! (have you added new hardware recently?), or other faulty hardware.

    It could even be caused by a faulty disk or other corruption in your filesystem! Make sure you do a chkdsk! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ACiT3GMcNs

    You should also check the Reliability monitor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbugOKp3awc

    It will show you when and hopefully why shutdowns are occurring.

    Following that you can check your event logs: http://www.howtogeek.com/school/usin...a-pro/lesson3/

    Note about File Caching
    Every modern operating system uses a technique called "write caching" which basically means when a program writes a file it is almost never written to the disk straight away, it's stored for a bit until the disk is not so busy and then it's written.

    What this means is if your computer crashes, turns off or otherwise loses power while it has a file or data cached then the data in the cache is lost and it's as if the data was never written.

    When you accept the terms of the agreement and your computer crashes, then it's probable that either a) the config file hadn't been fully written to disk, or b) the Rift program only writes the data at a certain point, eg, once it closes normally.

    Try this, load RIFT, set all your settings, accept the TOS, then exit. That should force RIFT to finish writing any files. That won't help with the above file cache but it'll ensure the config file is at least written properly by RIFT.

    For the curious: You can force the operating system to flush it's cache using this Microsoft tool: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/.../bb897438.aspx
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