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Thread: Game Disconnects (every couple of secs - couple of minutes.)

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    Default Game Disconnects (every couple of secs - couple of minutes.)

    Issue: game keeps disconnecting me and boots me to the character select screen.

    Was working fine yesterday. However, roughly 20 - 30 minutes after daily quests reset time, I started getting frequent disconnects in seemingly short random intervals, approximately in the range of every couple of seconds - couple of minutes. A quick response would be greatly appreciated as my guild raids in about 6.5hrs and I would like have this resolved before then.

    Note: I had submitted a ticket regarding this issue when this started happening this morning, but have not gotten a response yet.

    edit: after going through a lot of different things that may have cause this, it turned out it maybe due to potential packet loss between me and the game servers, so this post / thread can be deleted
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