A very old bug... Glowing effect from weapon buffs and light sources keeps disappearing after a while.
Please fix this bug.

One more old thread (2 pages! also closed...): http://forums.riftgame.com/technical...appearing.html

Also, very nice post with screenshots:
Still having this problem, hope the GM's watch this and can fix it or add an option to keep the effects on, the game is much more beautiful with the effects. Wanted to buy a bow from the store with credits which displays fire, but not going to buy it now because the fire just disappears, like the spell effects of other players.

When logging in to Rift, I see all the spell effects (but also mount effects - which is hard to see in this printscreens, and light):

And then, after +/- 30 seconds, everything disappears:

Got the Magma Walker mount yesterday, saw it had a fire/lava effect, but it also disappeared after about 10-20 seconds..

Please notice, this are my Video options > Advanced: