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Thread: 2 days and still waiting for reponse...

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    Default 2 days and still waiting for reponse...

    Left for about 8 months and return, to check things out and....

    Purchased the Night Tide Infusion and 3 months game time. Get sent an email (with link) saying choose what character to apply level 60 boost.

    I choose the character, and apply code. It says code has already been redeemed and I do not get the boost. Been waiting 2 days for a response on my ticket and nothing yet.. Is this normal?

    I put a ticket in and the rep emailed them.

    Chat started on 2015-05-25 08:00 PM UTC

    (08:00:11 PM) *** John joined the chat ***

    (08:00:12 PM) John : i just purchased the night tide infusion and went to use the level 60 boost and it it has aleady been redeemed, it has not

    (08:00:14 PM) Trion Worlds Automated Message: You have entered queue. An agent will be with you shortly.

    (08:01:15 PM) Trion Worlds Automated Message: Thanks for waiting. Our average wait time is less than 45 minutes.

    (08:24:32 PM) *** GM Marmar joined the chat ***

    (08:24:44 PM) GM Marmar: Thanks for contacting Trion Worlds Customer Support. I'm happy to look into your issue for you today.

    (08:27:34 PM) John : THANKS

    (08:28:02 PM) John: sorry caps, the gaME HAD ME STUCK RUNNING, COULD NOT LOG OUT OR EXIT

    (08:28:31 PM) John : fat fingers again

    (08:29:39 PM) John : anyway, i purchased the infusion with level 60 boost, followed the link in my email, went to use it and it said it has already been redeemed and i did not get the boost

    (08:30:41 PM) GM Marmar: I can certainly understand how that can be frustrating. I apologize, but live chat does not assist with in game support issues. These issues are handled through our in game support team, and they handle issues via email. I am more than happy to escalate our issue to them so they may investigate further and resolve the issue for you!

    (08:31:42 PM) John : whatever needs to be done, i put in a ticket, not sure if it was to correct place.

    (08:33:12 PM) GM Marmar: To escalate the issue I will have to gather some addition information! What is the name of the character, and server that this took place on?

    (08:34:41 PM) John : well, it was an email link that said choose character and paste code in, the character i was trying to boost was (name of toon) on Haloi (sp)

    (08:36:34 PM) GM Marmar: Thank you! I will escalate the issue over to our in game support team to address, and they will email you as soon as possible with the result of their investigation! May I assist you with anything else today?

    (08:36:59 PM) John : that is it thanks

    (08:39:08 PM) GM Marmar: Great! Have a good day and thank you for contacting Trion Worlds. In the bottom left of your chat window, you can find an 'Options' button. Please click this button and select 'End this chat'. If you don't see this option, please let me know.

    (08:41:19 PM) *** John left the chat ***
    "There are other aspects of the game that we want you to engage in."


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    Default only two days...!

    i've been hanging for 13 days now...

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