Okay, I have dual Nvidia Titan Blacks, 32GB RAM, and an Intel i7 4.2 gHz 8 Core CPU so, it isn't my rig. (Yes virus/maleware free and fully updated. Running Windows 8.1.

Only happens in the vicinity of Ghar Station Tau in Tarken Glacier where it's snowing hard and there is that fog effect but, Some spell effects get blocky (Like giant squares moving rapidly when the spell is engaged and when it fades off the target but, not while the spell is active, then it is displaying correctly.

Some objects with effects in the area also have the same problem. Reloading or exiting the game does NOT help. Nor does lowering graphics setting in game and/or via the Nvidia control panel. Enabling or disabling SLI for the game has no effect (Usually disabled for Rift due to other SLI issue with shadows.)

I believe the fog effect in the area is the problem. Perhaps no fog and more snowflakes would fix it once and for all?