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Thread: Performance problems. Srsly?

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    Default Performance problems. Srsly?

    Ok, so I have NEW PC with hardware that wasn't even possible to buy when RIFT came out. The specs are:
    I5 4690k
    R9 280x
    8gb corsair vengeance 2133mhz cl9.

    So it should work smooth on highest possible settings. But guess what? I had to turn of supersampling and sometimes my fps drops to ~30. Even Planetside 2 works better. New games runs better on my pc, than RIFT. I don't know what's the issue. Can anyone help me?

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    CPU details sans clock speed is nigh on useless unless you're using stock clock, but then why'd you buy an unlocked core? Either way, Rift runs poorly because of an almost decade-old engine relying on heavy customization and spaghettification of code that would make Cthulu blush.

    That and there are current issues regarding some of NT's zones which are under investigation and seeing as you've given virtually zero information at all I'm going to assume you mean those problem areas.
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    It seems I am out of raiding because of dia show (about 5 FPS). Not even events in new areas aren't possible: You can watch your abilitiy to be casted, come through, the game freezes, then your fireball follows the mob and at last gives one or 2 yellow numbers - if you are lucky and didn't loose target in the meanwhile of around 1/2 minute. In dungeons the FPS drops down to 5 FPS when many effects are shown... like first room of Empyrean Core. In Draumheim the FPS drops to 8... only standing at the main porticulum.

    My PC isn't the newest, but is strong enough to elaborate pictures and videos (I am working with that.)

    What a pity that Rift hasn't the engine or the power or whatever to run on current PC!
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    Yeah this seems to be a quickly growing problem right now. Rift used to run smooth a few weeks ago but it's just gotten so bad that I cannot raid or PvP. Very sad.

    Maybe it's a sign to play H1Z1 or some other game while I wait for a fix? What's everyone else playing right now?
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    I wouldn't say this is a growing problem per say. It's been like this for as long as I can remember.

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    It's been this way since the game launched, but the problem is indeed getting worse. I haven't upgraded my system since before the game launched, and despite running the game with lower settings and having a higher overclock now than I did when the game launched I still tend to get worse frame rates than during the first six months or so that the game was out. I also reinstalled my OS back in October thereby reducing if not eliminating any potential performance issues there.

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    AMD 6300+

    GTX 760

    On half setting, still look good for me, get from 10 to 80 fps give or takes or where I am.

    I am hoping for a player slider bar, so one can turn off how many people you can see on your sceen at a time.
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