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    Default Dimension Bug: Invisible Barriers?

    Was placing some items in my guild's dimension, Stoneflask Tavern, and I put a building/structure item in the tavern space, scaled it down just for fun and placed it. I removed the item and now where it was there is a barrier that is the shape of the item. I've left the dimension, placed something in the barrier and removed it, and placed the item in another dimension. The barrier is still there.

    Any fix?

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    I had a similar problem, i removed an item and put it somewhere else in the dimension.
    But the barrier was on the old position, for several days.
    I just did not know which item caused it, and i had to remove one item after the other until the barrier disappeared
    So, if you didnt try, maybe you could put exactly this item in the broken dimension again somewhere else, logout and login, and then remove it - maybe that works...
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    I had this same issue with placing/resizing stairs in Stoneflask Tavern. After leaving the dimension and logging in again the item disappeared but now there is an invisible barrier, even when the original stairs is removed. Hoping that exiting the game will fix it but I'm having my doubts at this moment.

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    Do you happen to now the actual item name? Would like to see if we can make this happen here.
    Also, if the collision is still there today would like to know. Is it the shape of the original item? Like if it was a stairway can you still climb it even when you're removed the visible item?

    Thanks much!

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