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Thread: Old Characters

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    Lately I decided to give rift another try to see if things had improved only to note that all my characters have been deleted. I was advised to try looking on other shards as they had been merged but they are not there.

    Id there any way to get these characters returned or have both my time and money on this game been completely wasted?

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    Hey there!
    Sorry for any confusion, however after the shard unification the shard list will show 0 characters for each shard until you have logged into it. If the shard(s) you had characters on no longer exist they would most likely be on either Reclaimer (NA) or Refuge (EU), however the shard unification link above has additional information on that.

    Of course, I would also suggest checking both regions as well as your email address to make sure you're logging in with the correct information. If you're still unable to find your characters, please submit a ticket so we can help you track them down!
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