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    Default Unable to create a petition to contact a game master

    I am trying to create a petition, in game, to contact a game master for a quest that I am unable to turn in and get credit for. I completed the petition, and every time I hit "send", I get a message reading "failed to create petition".

    I am a "Patron", if that makes any difference to being able to create such petitions.

    In case more info is needed ... I picked "Quest Issues" , then in the summary box I explained that I have completed the quest "Nightmare 1: Walking Terror", the NPC has the quest complete icon over her head and gives me the option to turn in the quest, however when I do turn it in, nothing happens. ...

    Then I hit the "Submit" button and this is where it fails to create the petition.

    Thanks for any feedback
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    Same problem.. i have a solved petition open from over a year ago, and am unable to create a new one,

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    We're aware that some players are having trouble submitting in game petitions, but we are happy to help. Make sure you've submitted a ticket via our support site, or send an email explaining the issue to

    If you continue have these issues, go ahead and post in this previous thread on the same issue.


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