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Thread: Rift Mobile: Void Stone & Contacts issues

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    Default Rift Mobile: Void Stone & Contacts issues

    So in addition to all of the other issues being reported, I have another couple.

    1) The Planar scratchcard on my L65 character seems to randomly flip between the old SL rewards (IS, Empyrean Dust, less Planarite) and the new NT rewards (VS, Void Dust, more planarite). The former is rather less useful than the latter, as you can imagine. Any reason why it might be doing this? And more to the point, anything in the works to fix it? IS on my L65 is a literal waste of a scratch opportunity and I'd rather have a shiny if the planar one is going to remain randomly flipping between SL and NT.

    2) The Contacts tab seems to be catching an ever-accumulating number of notifications,a s if people were sending me tells. The trouble is there are no tells. None of the names that ever come up in the contacts tab (which is admittedly rather full) have any messages in the buffer. If i am logged into the game on the same character, I see no messages in game and the number seems to steadily increase over time in 3s. It's like the chat server is spamming random invalid messages or something which the client ignores but the mobile app pings. Maybe it's playing Manugo.

    This is for the Android version, run on a Bluestacks emulator because it poisons my phone.
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    I can't connect to European servers, keeps telling my password or user ID is wrong. It seems glyph related as I got access from a new computer email, but can't put the code in mobile client.

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