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Thread: Android Rift Mobile app feedback

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    Exclamation Android Rift Mobile app feedback

    I just tried the Rift Mobile app on my Samsung Victory (SPH-L300) running Jellybean and it works okay until you go into the Lootables section.
    1. As soon as you pick a game, a credit is removed. This can result in losing a credit even if the game never actually loads. I'd suggest having the credit be deducted once the game has initialized.
    2. Rotating the phone while it says "Loading Lootables" causes a very slow rotation and resize because the game is struggling to load.
    3. The list of games is fairly slow to load despite only being a menu.
    4. Regardless of which game I choose, the games never load. It just said "Loading Lootables, please wait..." and even after ten minutes it still hasn't loaded.

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    5. Pumpkin Patch is still available

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    Yes the games part is extremely slow and inefficient. It doesn't seem to give anything special so I just use it for guild chat. Oh and stalking best friends :3
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