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Thread: Crash to desktop at 95%

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    Default Crash to desktop at 95%

    My wife has been trying to log in to her character and she gets to 95% on the character load screen before the game crashes to desktop.
    What is strange, is that I can see her character pop up in game, but her client crashes.
    There is no error associated with the crash pop up.
    She hasn't changed anything since we last played this afternoon, no updates, or anything.

    She can, however, load into her alt character.

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    There are a few things that commonly cause this error, usually relating to large guilds and/or addons. Here are some steps she can try to resolve the error:

    Disabling addons:
    1. While in the character selection screen, select AddOns from the bottom menu bar.
    2. A window will pop up listing the AddOns currently installed that the client is able to detect, be sure to select all of them.
    3. Hit the button, 'Disable All' to disable active AddOns. (This will not delete them but will keep them from running in-game.)
    4. Attempt to load the game again.

    If those steps don't resolve the issue, go ahead and try deleting the Appdata information.
    1. Press the Windows key + R at the same time to bring up your run prompt.
    2. Type in %appdata% and click 'OK'.
    3. Delete the Rift folder.
    4. Attempt to load the game again.

    If the issue persists, please have her contact Support so they can troubleshoot this further. We would love to get her back in the game!

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