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Thread: Run rift on 2nd monitor

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    Default Run rift on 2nd monitor

    I have 3 monitors and want to run it on one of my secondary monitors. I am surprised this is not an option in the video settings. I can only get it to run on 2nd monitor in windowed mode. If I try to set it to fullscreen then it goes back to the primary monitor.

    I know how to make the other monitor my primary but I do not wish to do that. I can choose a different monitor on other games easily enough but this one wont let me.

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    Short answer is, you can't do what you are wanting.

    I run dual monitors, and there is a "trick" you can do, but nothing automatic.

    Start the program in Windowed Mode.
    Drag the game to the second monitor.
    Change game to Full screen windowed.
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