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Thread: I want my account deleted

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    Default I want my account deleted

    I haven't played Rift for quite a while and recently my email gets flooded by messages from Trion that someone has accessed my account from a different location. Then someone started to order stuff from my unused account. The simplest solution that I see, since I dont see myself playing Rift anymore, is to delete my account. However I have not found that option anywhere. So is there a way to do that ?

    Also, after a very brief search I found out that a ton of people had the same problem recently and vene before, so do something about yor security.

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    Hey there,

    We appreciate your concern for your account's security, however it seems these concerns have already been addressed by a previous post. We have also added a new security feature, the Glyph Authenticator, for added protection.

    In order for us to look into a refund for the fraudulent charges and delete your account, please contact Support so they can get you fixed up!

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