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Thread: Glyph/Steam Issues

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    Default Glyph/Steam Issues

    Here's what happens
    1. I download game through Steam.
    2. Launch the game (also through Steam).
    3. Steam downloads and installs "Glyph".
    4. "Glyph" opens, I login and choose my region.
    5. "Glyph" starts downloading updates (roughly 1.7 GB).
    6. After the update is done the game works fine.
    7. If I try to launch the game again, Steam insists on validating the game.
    8. Validation fails and Steam says I have to download 8 GB of data.
    9. The game is broken at this point.

    I've done this 3 times already and the result is always the same. When "Glyph" downloads updates, it breaks the game's validation (from Steam's standpoint) and Steam doesn't install the missing updates (without Glyph).

    I'm getting sick of re-downloading and re-installing the game/updates, any solution for this?
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